Career Development and Scholarship Program

What is VISIONS?

VISIONS is a career development and scholarship program created in 2004 to provide mentoring, career guidance, and scholarships to deserving students from Pitt County’s public high schools. Students receive a $1000 scholarship per year to attend PCC. Funds are renewable with satisfactory progress toward completion of a program or degree and active participation in the program.

How did VISIONS start?

Herman Simon, financial consultant for the Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation wanted to develop a program to assist average students who needed financial support, educational mentoring and career guidance. A partnership was formed between the Eddie and Joe Smith Family Foundation, the Pitt Community College Foundation, The Greater Greenville Community Foundation, and Pitt County Schools.

Target Group

Selected Pitt County High School Juniors who presently:
  • Have a 2.0 – 3.2 GPA
  • Have no definite career choice
  • Plan to attend PCC
  • Have no discipline problems
  • Have financial need


High School level:

  • provides a summer career development opportunity on the PCC Campus to help students choose majors wisely
  • mentors students through senior year activities and classes
  • provides tutors
  • prepares students for transition to Pitt Community College

College level:

  • provides orientation to college and transitional classes
  • advises students in choosing majors, classes, and activities
  • continues mentoring to students
  • monitors performance; provide tutors and counseling as needed
  • assists with career development
  • provides information about resources, services and activities to support students’ success

Summer Institute

Summer Institute is a career development and confidence building opportunity for the VISIONS students. Students assess their individual strengths and learn how to develop a career path. While on the PCC campus students explore a variety of educational options, experience what it is like to be a college student and participate in hands-on instruction in order to help them choose majors wisely.

What Makes the Difference?

  • Network of caring VISIONS staff, assisted by the PCC Institutional Advancement staff, who find answers, assistance and provide a “safety net”
  • Mentoring / Tutoring
  • Availability of VISIONS staff 24/7 for student assistance
  • Someone who shows a concerned attitude toward the students
  • Financial support for college education

Scholarship Funding

  • $500 scholarship from The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation per year for each student
  • $500 scholarship from the PCC Foundation per year for each student
  • Program activities for students, as well as salaries for part-time Coordinator, advisors, and tutors from The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation

For More Information

Contact your Pitt County High School Career Development Counselor (CDC) or:

  • Marianne Cox
  • VISIONS Program Director
  • office: (252) 493-7719
  • cell: (252) 341-9487
  • Email
  • Rebecca Warren
  • VISIONS High School Coordinator
  • office: (252) 493-7501
  • cell: (252) 714-9744
  • Email