PCC Creates New Virtual Leadership Academy

Rob Goldberg | February 12th, 2021

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College has created a state-of-the-art Virtual Leadership Academy for individuals seeking skills they can use to advance their careers and effectively manage co-workers under their supervision.

The academy consists of eight online courses that cover key areas of leadership that can be used in any face-to-face or remote work environment. Topics include motivational skills, problem-solving, communication and conflict resolution, and students who complete all eight courses will receive a certificate from Pitt.

PCC Director of Online Instructional Design Roslyn Bethea says the new training stems from the college’s commitment to serving the community’s economic and workforce development needs. The academy, she says, will benefit both employers and employees by maximizing communication and collaboration.

“The Virtual Leadership Academy was created in partnership with local businesses and industries to help their employees perform well in their current roles and possibly advance within their organizations,” Bethea said. “Though the training was developed with our business and industry sector in mind, the classes are open to everyone.”

Bethea says course content was developed, evaluated, and revised by an experienced team that worked together closely from the project’s inception to its launch to ensure each class produces a highly-effective learning experience. She added that expert instructors—many nationally known—will provide the training.

The academy gets underway Feb. 10 with the first of two classes on supervision and management fundamentals. Another class starts the same day and will focus on various leadership themes.

After that will be a pair of live instructor presentations that are particularly timely as many businesses operate remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Titled “Virtual Management Skills for Remote or Home Office,” the three-hour sessions will take place Feb. 23 and Feb. 25 and focus on teaching participants how to manage employees in a teleworking environment.

Subsequent courses will deal with successfully working with difficult people, decision-making, and building teams that work.

Six of the eight courses cost $70 each. The live instruction sessions are $199, and a class on Diversity for Employees & Managers is $79.

For more information or questions about the Virtual Leadership Academy, contact Bethea at (252) 493-7208 or rbethea@email.pittcc.edu. To register, visit www.ed2go.com/pittccleadership.

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