Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Cedric Lee

Rob Goldberg | March 31st, 2023

Cedric Lee, wearing suit, eyeglasses and bowtie.WINTERVILLE—Earlier this year, Pitt Community College student Cedric Lee received a financial boost from the PCC Foundation that will help him achieve his goal of becoming a registered nurse and working in a nursing home or assisted living center.

Lee, who is currently taking general education courses needed for admission to the college’s Associate Degree Nursing program, received the PCC Multicultural Activities Committee (MAC) Scholarship worth $500. It’s funding that will help offset the cost of the U.S. Navy veteran’s educational expenses as he looks to give back to the community by caring for people who are at their most vulnerable point in life.

“It is with deepest appreciation and gratitude I wish to express my thanks to (the PCC Foundation) for awarding me the MAC Scholarship,” Lee said. “Upon receiving the award notification, I informed my son of the recognition. We are completely overjoyed with the opportunity and express our thanks for bestowing such a great opportunity, which will allow me to further my education goals.”

Lee says his interest in becoming a nurse stems from his military service.

“I did one tour of duty as a surgeon assistant and because of my experience, was called back on active duty, (since) my reserve unit was a readiness unit,” he said. “… We had up-to-date information for medical care and training to assist in the field in case of any emergency. I enjoy the field of medicine and being able to help others survive.”

Lee is also enjoying his PCC education. He says he appreciates the diversity of the college’s employees and students, its location, and the smaller class sizes it offers.

“Ultimately, I want my children and everyone to know that you can go to college and continue your educational goal, no matter your background,” Lee said. “The education we receive here at PCC is top notch.”

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