Scholarship Spotlight: Traquavis Harris

Rob Goldberg | July 31st, 2023

Traquavis Harris

Traquavis Harris, a 2020 PCC Associate in Arts graduate, has returned to the college to pursue training needed for a career in the field of information technology.

At just 21 years old, Harris is working part- and full-time jobs to pay his bills and educational expenses. Thanks to the PCC Foundation and the philanthropic nature of its supporters, he also has the Thomas E. Minges Memorial/Pepsi Scholarship to help pay for his schooling during the 2023-24 academic year.

“This scholarship is such an amazing blessing that I cried when I saw the email,” Harris said, adding that his “GPA and dedication” will ultimately prove he was the right choice for the award.

With fall classes set to begin Aug. 17, Harris, a Data Programming and Analytics major, answered a few questions about himself, staying up-to-date on technology, his PCC experience and future.

Q: Along with affordable tuition, what made you choose to return to PCC after graduating from the college in 2020 with an Associate in Arts degree?

A: PCC was a great institution to me (in 2020), and now more than ever. I wanted to go back, because I had taken plenty of (Computer Information Systems) courses, but I never finished my original plan of becoming certified. Now, I am able to complete that dream.

Q. What are your educational/career goals?

A: My educational and career goals include becoming certified through PCC in data programming and analytics and Java script programming. I want to become an information technologist and gain experience and transition my knowledge into a bigger corporation to become a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) …. From there, I want to create my own business and create apps that will help my home community become more efficient with up-to-date technology.

Q: What influenced your area of study?

A: I have always had a huge heart for technology and its concepts. I had taken multiple computer courses, program development courses and primarily courses that gave me basic essentials into the tech world/information technology. I want to obtain a master’s in Technology Management, with a concentration in Six Sigma. This ultimately influenced my desire to push through and enroll back into PCC, because I knew that the courses would be more effective, to me, than enrolling at my previous four-year university. Another reason is because I use my computer skills and knowledge in my current career and I thought that it would be great to pursue this full time, since it is something that I actually enjoy.

Q: What is your superpower?

A: Knowledge and creativity.

Q: What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?

A: It is an honor to have been chosen for the Thomas E. Minges Memorial/Pepsi Scholarship at Pitt Community College for the Fall 2023 semester. Thank you so much, Minges Bottling Group. Thank you for giving me a chance to be free of financial burden as I continue my education at PCC over the next two semesters. I am so grateful that I was chosen for such an amazing scholarship opportunity, and that I was chosen because you all made this scholarship possible.

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