Bunch Scholarship Helping Student Pursue Lifelong Passion

Rob Goldberg | April 1st, 2024

Amanda ScanlanFor as long as she can remember, Amanda Scanlan has had a passion for music and performing. But in 2016, she took a break from her true love and didn’t return until seven years later.

“Unfortunately, I took a very long break from singing and knew it was time to pick things back up [in 2023],” she recalls. “Since resuming my pursuit of music, I have decided musical theater is my true passion, and I am so lucky that I get to do it every day.”

Because she was familiar with Pitt Community College instructor Michael Stephenson and his work with the college’s Music Department, Scanlon enrolled at PCC. She is now well on her way toward earning an Associate in Fine Arts, with plans to continue her education at East Carolina University when she completes her studies at Pitt.

“I chose PCC because I knew I could flourish as a musician here,” she says. “… Since enrolling here, I have found I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

Though she works as a waitress to pay the bills, Scanlan says her pursuit of music education has been made easier through the Dr. Austin and Dr. Wanda Bunch Memorial Scholarship she received from the PCC Foundation.

Created by Adam Bunch in December 2021 to honor the memory of his parents, the Bunch Scholarship provides financial support to students involved with PCC’s music program who have GPAs of 3.0 or higher. Scanlan says she is “absolutely grateful” to have been awarded the $250-scholarship this spring and has used the funds to offset the cost of her tuition, fees and book expenses.

“This scholarship is validation for me that God has a plan,” she says. “I know I will continue to receive blessings as long as I keep my intentions and heart pure. All the support I have received at Pitt Community College has meant the world to me. I know I would not be here without it.”

When she is not in class or earning tips at the restaurant, Scanlan says she can be found performing with community theater, church music ministries or the Greenville Choral Society. She says it’s part of her goal of having a “successful performance prior to a teaching career.” More than that, though, she says it’s about entertaining her all-time greatest fan.

“My father passed away in 2020,” Scanlan said. “One of the last things he said to me was that he had always hoped I would get back on stage. My hope is that somewhere, somehow he is in the audience of all my concerts and shows. No matter how big or small the stage, I know he would be proud of me.”

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