Establishing Scholarships

Supporting measures that improve student educational outcomes is an excellent way to enhance the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

For many, the cost of higher education is a barrier. It can keep some individuals from ever enrolling in college and prevent students who are already enrolled from completing their educational goals. Scholarships have a key role in overcoming this barrier.

As the cost of higher education climbs and the number of students seeking college degrees rises, the demand for scholarships is steadily increasing. Within the past decade, the PCC Foundation has significantly increased its fundraising endeavors while carefully managing its financial assets in an effort to create additional revenue that can be used to support Pitt Community College’s mission to educate and empower people for success. You can assist the PCC Foundation in this effort by establishing or contributing to a scholarship.

How Do I Establish a PCC Foundation Scholarship?

The PCC Foundation offers several options for establishing scholarships. While some donors elect to establish endowments, others fund particular scholarships annually. There are also options for creating named, memorial, and corporate/organizational scholarships.

PCC Foundation staff members are prepared to assist you with determining the option that works best for you and meets your philanthropic goals.

For more details on establishing scholarships with the PCC Foundation, please get in touch with PCC Scholarships Coordinator Kim Simpkins at (252) 493-7902 or